Darin Long

Chief of Reshoring

30 years of factory and supply chain experience. Now he's bringing it home.

Paul Hickey

Finance Mastermind

Knows how to make your money make more money.

Jefferson Nemelka

Factory Guru

Years of factory setup and management have led this man to look amazing.

Michele Long

Chief Moneybags

Lovingly cultivates our money trees into lush forests.

Miguel Munevar

Machine Whisperer

ALWAYS gets it done. Making the impossible a reality, slightly before Terran.

Terran Simons

PLC Trainer

So in tune with the ways of metal and electricity, that machines bend to his will.

Jody Howse

Supervision Specialist

Years of experience have enabled this man to look even better than Jeff

Noah Clark

Marketeer Extraordinaire

If you need masks, talk to this guy. He will get you everything you need.

Rosson Long

IT Warlock

It's what you think you know that just ain't so that gets ya.

David Suyak

Regulatory Director

Makes sure that the things you get from us do better than you expect.

Savanah Eckhardt

Industrial Architect

Builds systems and processes so refined, the end product will blow you away.

Justin Gates

The Gatekeeper

Makes things run so smoothly that you might even get your product a couple days early.